The Society for Indian Breeds of dogs-A Synopsis

India is well known for its diverse flora and fauna and was home to as many as two dozen Indian breeds of dogs, viz Tibetan Mastiff, Bangara Mastiff-Tehri Garhwal Bhutia, Himalayan Sheep Dog, Tibetan Terrier, Tibetan Spaniel,  The dogs of Kanawar, Bisben of the Himalayas, Nepali dogs, Sindh hounds, Rampur hounds, Tripuri dogs,   Vaghari Dogs of Saurashtra, Banjara or Vanjari , Mudhol hound, Pashmi, Dhangari dogs of Mahrashtra, Kaikadi Mahrastra, Tibetan hound,      Shenkottah TN,  Kombai TN, RajapalyamTN, Poligar, S Karnataka TN, Chippiparai TN, Alangu TN, Kuchi TN, Patti TN Etc.

Due to our apathy most of the breeds have perished and as on date are left with a few breeds such as the Himalayan Sheep Dog, Rampur hound, Rajapalyam, Mudhol hound, Chippiparai, Caravan hound, Pashmi etc. The efforts of a few like minded dog lovers dedicated  to promote Indian breeds of dogs has resulted in the rise in numbers of Mudhol hounds, Rajapalyams, Caravan hounds in their native territories.

A group of like-minded people interested in the protection, promotion and development of Indian breeds of dogs met under the chairmanship of  Dr. B. C. Ramakrishna, and formed the Society for Indian Breeds of Dogs. For intensive development and preservation and also to prevent further extinction of the remaining few breeds, Indian dog breed enthusiasts decided to form an exclusive club for this purpose, which has resulted in the formation of the Society for Indian Breeds of Dogs, (SIBD) which is registered body with the Government of Karnataka. The Kennel Club of India (KCI) which is actively involved in canine sport and an authority on canine breeds has granted affiliation to the SIBD. Indian dog breed enthusiasts of the MKC, Bangalore have joined forces to form the new club titled Society for Indian breeds of Dogs, Bangalore, whose papers have been submitted to the Registrar of Societies in Bangalore, Karnataka on 18th November 2013.  This society has objectives to revive and promote Indian breeds of dogs, take up DNA studies and to organise shows in different parts of the country, encourage/initiate State/ Breed chapters and to function under the ageis of the KCI.

The objectives of the SIBD are to revive, promote and prevent further extinction of the Indian origin dog breeds. It also intends to enlarge the territory to native dogs of Afghanistan, Tibet, Nepal and Myanmar as they are interrelated and have a historical background.